Running a la Moose

I woke up this morning with a miss grumpy pants attitude.  It was cold, wet, and snowing.  Not the pretty kind that blankets everything in white, but the Tennessee kind, that melts as soon as it hits the ground.  I was a little sore from yesterday’s workout and decided to move today’s run to tomorrow.  Well…that didn’t happen.

A little background info:

This morning my dog Moose woke me up around 6:15 wanting to go outside to “take care of business.”  I took him out and then went back to bed. Moose however, felt I should stay up and play.  He barked for a few minutes and then the house grew quiet…I should have known better.  Upon hearing the sounds of crunching and paper, I bolted out of bed, but was too late…Moose had eaten an entire bar of dark chocolate!


Doesn’t he look guilty?

I knew he was a big dog and he would probably be ok but I phoned the vet just to be sure.  The vet confirmed that he would be fine, but would probably be hyperactive and may have some “digestive trouble.”  Luckily there has been no digestive trouble but the hyperactivity was crazy!

After three hours of fetch, I decided to take him for a walk.  Moose apparently did not get the “walk” memo and wanted to run.  The entire run went something like this:

Run about a block at a much faster pace than usual because the dog is crazy.  Walk a couple of mailboxes worth to pull up pants because they were not meant for running. Repeat as necessary for 2 miles!

I must admit, I am in a much better mood thanks to Moose and his shenanigans but from now on, chocolate bars will be kept under lock and key!


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