January at the Gym

January has always been a frustrating month for me as far as the gym is concerned.  It is the month that the gym floor and group fitness areas are flooded with new members who have made New Year’s resolutions to work out.  You have to wait to get to a piece of gym equipment and the group fitness classes run slower than usual so that the instructors can explain how the class works to the mass of new people.

Yesterday, I went to my noon yoga class which is usually very small (only two to four people) and there were 8 people in the class, 5 of which had never done yoga.  I sighed, knowing that this would be a “slow and easy” class to accommodate the new people.  Then I realized I had a choice.  I could be frustrated because the class was not the usual flow class, or I could be grateful.  I could be grateful that these people were trying to get healthy.  I could be grateful that the class size more than doubled (the gym has been threatening to cancel it because of its small size).  I could be grateful that I had time to focus on adjusting my form while the teacher had us hold poses so she could make adjustments.  I found that focusing on the form while holding the asanas caused the class to be quite challenging!

I have decided that this January I will not whine at gym because new people are in my way, instead I will encourage and support the new members and maybe learn something in the process…as long as I get a bike in spin class : )


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