Oh No……Not My Garmin

Saturday morning I was trying to get motivated to run 6 miles.  I always turn on my Garmin while I am getting ready so it can find a signal before I head out.  I took it off the charger and pressed the power button….nothing…I tried again…nothing.  I put it on the charging dock thinking one of the cats may have disconnected it…nothing.  The battery charging message was nowhere to be seen.  Needless to say I was NOT happy but I finished getting ready and planned on taking my phone to use runkeeper instead.

My stomach didn’t feel right but I assumed I was upset about the fact that I was going to have to pay out some serious $$$ for a new watch.  I headed out the door and got about a quarter mile down the road when I realized my stomach issue had nothing to do with my Garmin.  I promptly turned around an ran home (half a mile down, 5.5 to go)! 

I headed out again deciding to deviate from my original plan and stay in the neighborhood for a while (aka close to home). I ran about 2 more miles and started to feel a little better so I headed over to the park with the hills.  Miles 2.5 to 5 were kind of robotic. I felt ok, but was really just going through the motions. By mile 5 I was a little dehydrated and not feeling so hot so I had to walk the last mile.

Once I got home, I further investigated what may be wrong with my Garmin and several sites online recommended a reboot (holding down the mode and lap button at the same time).  With a very pessimistic attitude I tried it and voila!  It worked!  The Garmin is back : )

Do you use a GPS watch?  If so, what would you do if you thought it had died?


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