Making Peace With My Pace

As I study yoga, I am constantly taught to not let my ego get in the way.  In my yoga practice,  I am very accepting of what my body is capable of in the moment and I am always reminding myself to ignore the ego, but when it comes to running I just can’t seem to let it go.

I frequently run on the treadmill before I workout with my personal trainer and the truth is, my body is very comfortable running at 4.5 mph.  I’m not quite sure why this bothers me, but I find anything under 5 mph unacceptable.  I can run for about 3 minutes at 5 mph and then I need a walk break but at 4.5 mph I can go for miles, yet I have a really hard time making myself slow down.

After struggling with my speed issues on the treadmill the other day, I began to ask myself why it bothered me so much.  It’s not like other people care (or are even looking) how fast I am running and I am much more comfortable running at 4.5 mph.  I have decided I am making it my mission to make peace with my pace on the easy runs…well, I’m going to try anyway.

On a completely different note, today I registered for the Tom King Classic Half Marathon.  It is in four weeks so I will have to alter my training plan but if I change my long run from 7 to 9 this week, I will be able to increase my mileage over the next few weeks and be ready for the race.  I also am going to try to get one of the last few spots for the Oak Barrel Half so my original 16 week training plan for the one half marathon may turn into a 16 week plan with two extra half marathons built in…what can I say, I’m adventurous!


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