Speed Sessions -Week 1

In my attempt to become a stronger, faster runner I signed up to do coached group speedwork with my local running store. The first session was Thursday and the plan was a one mile time trial.

We started off with dynamic stretches which I have never done before. They definitely let me know that I don’t stretch enough. After the group stretching we headed to the track to do a 10 minute warm up before the time trial.

I kept having to slow myself down during the warm up (seriously, I have no concept of pace). We were warned not to go out too fast and that our goal was to run negative splits. In true “me” fashion, I did exactly the opposite. I started too fast, and each lap was successively slower than the last. I had no idea how fast I could run a mile so I really had no expectations but was hoping to get close to an 11 minute pace. I ended up running an 11:47 but I know I could not have possibly run it any faster.

After the time trial we did more group stretches and core work…on the grass….I am definitely bringing a towel next week!

What I learned from this first session is that I really have no idea how to pace myself and I think the next eight weeks of coached speed training are going to be a very good thing for me!


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