Holy Track Workout Batman!

Last night was our final night of speedwork and we ended with a doozie of a workout!

Many of us were expecting to do another mile time trial to compare with our first one 8 weeks ago and be finished so my heart sunk a little when I opened the email that contained the following workout:

1600m, 800m x 2, 400m x 2

Holy crap!  I HATE 800s…with a passion.  I have so much trouble pacing myself in the first lap to hit my time goal.  I either go out way too fast and then slow down or I am too conservative and kill myself on the second lap trying to hit my time.  Oh, and what do they mean two 800s and two 400s  after the mile?!?!?!?!

I got to the track after a really long and exhausting day thinking hey, I could just pick up my t-shirt, run the mile, and go home.  (If you know me at all, you know these were just empty threats).  I started the mile and went out pretty slow for my first lap then gradually started to pick it up.  I knew I shouldn’t go full out because I still had the rest of the workout so I tried to hold back.  While I will never be a speed demon and still finished next to last, I took a whopping 26 seconds off of my time trial!  Holy crap, how did I do that?!

Sadly, the rest of the workout did not go as well.  I finished the entire thing but I was under time goal on everything…by at least 15 seconds!  The second 800 and 400 were even slower than the first but I know I gave it everything I had and hello?  26 seconds is pretty darn awesome in my book!



This chapter of speed work comes to a close but chapter 2 opens up in two weeks because speed work (with the same coach) is included in my half training plan…lucky me!

*Hopefully you get the oozing sarcasm because I am actually super excited about it!  WAHOO!!!!!



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