Half Training Week 3

This past week’s training has been a tough one.  Camp was rough on me this year.  The dorm rooms were noisy and the beds were uncomfortable to say the least, but I can’t blame everything on camp.  I must admit some of the choices I made (like staying out until 2am) definitely had an impact on my training…my old lady self can’t handle that anymore.

Monday: Recover from staying out too late Sunday night

Tuesday: Run 4 miles (this one was supposed to be 3.5 but I was in an unfamiliar city and am somewhat directionally challenged)

Wednesday: Recover from staying out too late Tuesday night

Thursday:  Run 3.5 miles DID NOT HAPPEN – why you ask?  Because once again I stayed out way too late the night before

Friday: Rest – Mucho recovery from my week’s indiscretions

Saturday: 7 very tough miles – because I stupidly pretended to be in my early 20s for an entire week

Sunday: 3.5 miles – finally feeling back to my old self

Now, moving on to the food…

Band camp food SUCKS!  I ate every meal in what was basically a high school cafeteria.  Lots of salt, fat, and grease!  I mean seriously, I came back 7 pounds heavier.  Luckily, this was mostly water and after two days of my regular diet and LOTS of water I am back down to my regular weight.  This week is already off to a much better start and speed work starts again Thursday!!!!!!


My luxurious band camp pad


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