I met an Olympian!

Tuesday night I decided to skip yoga in order to get in a run with my training group.   I rarely skip yoga class but this week I have been having a little trouble with motivation.  It has been cloudy, overcast, and dreadfully humid all week and the lack of sun makes me want to sit around the house with a cup of tea and not move.  I thought the group dynamic might help me get out of my funk so I grabbed my running clothes and headed out.

The plan was to run two loops from the running store for a total of 3.5 miles (which was really only 3 miles and we had to run extra, but that is not my point).  We all started together but pretty soon the group started breaking off into pace groups.  Myself and two other runners settled into a comfortable pace and brought up the back of the group.  As we ran and chatted, one of the runners heart rate monitor alarm kept going off right before each walk break.  He explained to us that he had a heart attack at age 45 and now only half of his heart functions.  I was amazed!    He runs pretty slowly and has to pay careful attention to his heart rate monitor but he is still out there, running with everyone else.  (Funk officially over!  Who can whine and complain when this guy is out her running with only half of a heart?!)

The rest of the group was waiting as we finished up and we all headed back to the running store to stretch and do some core work.  When we got back the store owner came out and asked if we would pose for a picture with the Olympian who had dropped by with the New Balance rep.  We were all “Olympian”…..right….sure….and then Barbara Parker comes out!


For those of you who don’t know (and I didn’t until last night) Barbara Parker has run for Great Britain in the last two Olympics and is one of the nicest people I have ever met!  She posed for the photo and then hung out to chat with my training group answering pretty much any question we asked.  Some things I learned:

She runs every day (about 90 miles a week…jeesh)

She does two a days every day except Sunday (which is her long run)

She does track workouts twice a week

She strength trains twice a week

Her training is 2 weeks hard and 1 week easy

Between the guy running with only half a heart and the meeting such a great runner, I am definitely inspired to get my butt off the couch!

Oh, and tonight starts round 2 of speedwork.  We are once again starting with a 1 mile time trial.  My first time trial was 11:27, my second was 11:01 so we shall see if I can best that one tonight!


*All photos were taken from the Fleet Feet Murfreesboro Facebook Page


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