Half Training Week 4 – and a Starbucks run

This week’s training has been much better!  It is amazing what a healthy diet and plenty of sleep will do for your level of energy and fitness.  I decided to add a second rest day this week because…well, I needed it.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Run 3.5 miles with the group

Wednesday: Restorative Yoga and Strength circuit

Thursday: Speed work – Mile time trial with warm up and cool down (2 miles total)

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 5k race – new PR

Sunday: Long Run – 6.75 miles

Sunday’s long run was tough mentally.  After the 5K Saturday, I was exhausted and decided to move my long run to Sunday instead of adding another 3 miles after the race.  I woke up Sunday morning with tired legs and not feeling that great but I put on my running clothes and headed out the door anyway. My plan was to run an out and back to a park near my house.  I like this route because I don’t have to carry water.  It is 1.3 miles from my house to the first water fountain and then another 3 miles over a pretty hilly trail back to the water fountain.

I was not feeling breakfast of any kind so I grabbed a gel to take once I got to the park.  After the first mile, I was feeling much better.  I took the gel and started to head to the trail when I realized there was absolutely no one else around and it was pretty foggy out.  I run this trail with my dog all the time but something felt creepy this morning.  The park also has a 1K track, so I went with my gut and decided to do a few laps instead.   It was super humid (around 94%) and by the time I got to mile 4.5 I was ready to quit.  My legs were tired, I was going slower than usual, and I just wasn’t in the mood to run.  It’s not that I was spent.  I still had plenty of energy…I was just feeling lazy.

There is a Starbucks about a half mile from the park, so I made a deal with myself.  If I ran to Starbucks, I could buy and iced coffee and walk home.  FYI, it was worth it!  It was the best Iced coffee ever!  Plus, it added an extra .75 miles onto my planned run so I didn’t feel as bad about walking.

I should have taken a picture of sweaty me with my iced coffee but I didn’t so here is an image I stole.



What do you do to push through a bad run?  

Do you bargain with yourself too?


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