WIAW No. 1

Guess what day it is?  Humpday!!!!   I love that commercial!

I enjoy reading other What I Ate Wednesday posts so I decided to jump on the bandwagon this week.  I had every intention of bringing you a post filled with nothing but the healthiest of choices and I could have done that by mixing different meals from the week but that is not what I’m about.  I wanted to keep it real and bring you exactly what I eat in one day.  The good, the bad, and the “could have been better.”  I must admit that I could have made better choices but there was a lack of planning on my part.


Oatmeal with dried cranberries, apricots, pecans, and brown sugar


Smoothie – milk, yogurt, banana, mango, pineapple, and strawberry (ordinarily I would throw a handful of spinach in but I was out


I have to eat lunch in my car a few days a week while driving from one job to another and while I had leftovers at home, none of them were car friendly so I picked up a sandwich (yes, you can make good decisions at subway, but this one had bacon involved).


Pre-run snack


This is not much to look at but it is super tasty.  Its an idea I got ages ago from Runners World (pasta, frozen broccoli, peas, tuna, and cream of soup).


And finally DESERT!  Coconut yogurt with granola and chocolate chips.



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