New Brooks Gear

A couple of months ago Hungry Runner Girl (who I love by the way) was hosting a giveaway sponsored by Brooks.  You were supposed to submit your worst running outfit and I submitted this one from the Country Music Marathon:

cmm in action (1)





Wait for it…….


I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First of all, I NEVER win anything, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out I won and entire outfit from brooks..including shoes!  After some time shopping their website I selected my outfit.

Brooks 1

The Infiniti III run short tights are awesome!  They have a 7 inch inseam, a waterproof media pocked, and don’t ride up (important for people like me who have to deal with chub rub).   The EZ T II is a super light weight tank that is perfect for the humid summer days here in Tennessee!

Brooks 2

For the shoes, I went with my standard Ravenna 4s (I am very in love with these shoes right now).  I wanted the new teal color but they were not going to have any in until October so I went with purple instead…..but in October, those teal ones are coming home with me!


Thanks to Brooks and Hungry Runner Girl for the awesome gear!


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