Is a tri in my future?

It is triathlon season, and it seems that half of the people I know are completing them.

The gomers have decided to “try a tri”

M finished her first one this weekend


And now I want to do one too!


Seeing the swimmers all lined up


and the transition area all set up


was inspiring (kind of like the first time I went to a marathon, not to run, but to cheer).

The only problem…I don’t really swim.  I took swim lessons as a kid but instead of learning how to swim, I mostly learned how not to drown.  Don’t get me wrong, I can get from one end of the pool to the other, just not efficiently…I basically flail myself across the pool.

I feel like this…




The race M did today was a women’s only race geared toward beginners and I think it is something I can actually accomplish!  I have 12 months to learn how to swim after all!

Maybe I just need this kind of motivation…




Have you done a triathlon?

Any advice?


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