My hardest track workout yet

Training is right on track.  That is the first time I have honestly been able to say that!   I have been getting in all of my workouts and most of them are going well.  I went to the group track session this past week and was sad to see the all of the people who usually run around my pace were missing.  We did an easy half mile warm up, a few 100 m pickups, and then began the workout.

I have been doing much better about pacing myself until this week.  Surrounded by faster runners, I went out too fast.  I was supposed to complete the first 600 in 4:04 but instead I finished it in 3:35.

I was really kicking myself when we ran the next two 400s and thought I might die in the 200s but I pushed through and finished pretty strong, getting all but one of my times.

Distance     Goal time     Actual Time

        600                                 4:04                                 3:35

        400                                 2:24                            2:20, 2:29

        200                                 1:09                            1:08, 1:04

I was going to do my long run the next day but my legs weren’t having it!   After only 2 miles, I felt like this:



So, I went home, rested, and used the evil devices of torture…muahahahaha!


Finally, my legs are back to normal and I managed to get in a great long run!

Do you sometimes run, even though you know your legs are tired and you probably shouldn’t?

I do (hanging head in shame)


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