Half Training Week 6 – Sometimes life gets in the way

Classes started Monday…so begins my return to 12 hour work days.  My hope is to still post a few days a week but I may only manage one a week for the next couple of weeks…please be forgiving.

Lately I feel like this



Even though my schedule is insane, I managed to get most of my runs in this week and the only one I did not get in was due to a very sore quad, not my lack of time.  (More to come in another post)

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 4 miles with group

Wednesday: Restorative Yoga and Vinyasa Flow

Thursday: Hill repeats

Friday: Rest, foam rolling, the stick, rest, repeat

Saturday: 9 miles

Sunday: Unplanned rest day (stupid quad)

Since I am back to 12 hour days, scheduling is a MUST!  I have every class, appointment, planning time, and workout scheduled in my calendar.  Gone are the days of “I’m tired, I will run later.”  If I don’t run during the time I have scheduled, I just don’t run and I have been very surprised, that even when I am completely exhausted, a good 4 mile run quickly re-energizes me!

I have had to do lots of meal planning too.  I have to plan and pack my food for the entire day, and unfortunately, in order to fit in all of my students, three days a week I have to eat lunch in my car while I am driving from one place to another.  This greatly affects my food choices.  This week I have been eating a sandwich and chips (I know…but I like them and portion them out) and adding some of the items below to fill it out.

Some of my portables this week are:

Pumpkin pancakes (I made a big batch on Sunday and they are easy to re-heat in the toaster)

Amazeballs (I got this great recipe from The Fitnessista)


Granola bars

These yogurt drinks from Stoneyfield farms.


How do you manage work, training, and having a life?

Right now, work and training are my life….Its a good thing I like them both!


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