Half Training Week 7….humidity bites!

This week the south was reminded that summer is still here.  We were blessed the last couple of weeks with fall like temperatures in the low 80s but this week we were in the upper 80s to lower 90s with wicked humidity!  I must have drank at least a half gallon of watter after each run and still wasn’t completely re-hydrated.  I just keep telling myself that it will be cooler for my races…and if I tell myself that enough, I may even start to believe it.

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 5 miles with group

Wednesday: Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Thursday: Speed Work (7 X 400 m) and 100 m pickups (3 miles total)

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 7 miles

Sunday: 5 miles


When I got to Tuesday’s group run and realized that I was the only one in my pace group, I kind of wanted to tuck my tail between my legs and go home but I sucked up like a big girl and ran anyway.  We were doing a 2.5 mile loop twice to get the distance in and I accepted early on that I was going to be solo on this one.  I  lost sight of the rest of the group around mile 1.5 and didn’t expect to see them again until the finish but one of the coaches waited for me at the begining of the loop and ran the 2nd loop with me.  He pushed my pace, which was tough, but a good thing (I had taken my time on the first loop since I was alone).  Pitty party of one?

Then Thursday came around and it was time for speed work.  I made the mistake of checking my weather app before we started.

blog speed heat

Yup,  it really was THAT hot at 6:15 pm!   We finished that workout like a boss…well, we finished it anyway.

I noticed that I would occasionally have a sharp pain across the top of my foot that came and went pretty quickly.  I mentioned it to the coach and she thought it looked like I was running on the outsides of my feet.  She recommend I go the the running store and have them watch me run.  They agreed that the shoe I was in was too structured, and after trying on many different pairs….I have new shoes!

blog new shoes

And another pair ordered….More about my shoe saga later….hopefully these will make a difference!

What shoes do you wear?

I am totally loving the new ones!



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