Random things I am loving right now

There are a few random things that I am loving lately.  I have been wanting to talk about them but just couldn’t find the right place to fit them in so they are getting a post of their very own!

Has anyone else tried this International Delight coffee creamer?

blog coffeemate

Its like having a chocolate chip cookie in your coffee!!!!  These can be rather high in calories (especially if you are a little heavy handed like me) so I try to only use them on days that I run.

I am also loving this Irish butter!

blog butter

In my opinion, butter is the best thing on earth so this stuff is perfect on the bread I get from my local bakery.

Speaking of….I love this bakery!  They were closed for two and half weeks while they relocated to a bigger store and I am pretty sure I went into withdrawls!

wild flours

Isn’t this toaster from target just too cute?

blog toaster

Finally…something I am NOT loving.

Blog senior

I keep getting mail like this. Senior Citizen?!?!  I know my birthday is in a couple of weeks but jeesh, I am only going to be 36!   I also get coupons for hearing aids and letters from AARP!

Anyone else get mail intended for the 60+ crowd?

What is your favorite thing right now?


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