WIAW No. 3


Started the morning off with some carbs and protein.  Greek Yogurt with granola, bacon, and a bran muffin with a little pumpkin spice cream cheese.

blog breakfast blog breakfast 2

Lunch was once again in the car – Leftover pizza, grapes, amazeballs, and chocolate chip cookies

Blog lunch

This pizza is from a mom and pop place down the street from my house called Sauce.  It has a pesto sauce with chicken and veggies and is amazing!  There were actually two pieces, but I missed my snack this moring and was starving so I gobbled one down before I took the photo!

I decided for dinner I needed to catch up on some green stuff so I had a salad, asparagus, salmon, and risotto.

blog dinner 1blog dinner 2


Please forgive the ugly paper plates.  I am currently preparing for a big recital and M is in the midst of marching band season which means we are never home.  The dishes were getting out of control so it will be paper plates for the month of September.  I know, I know… I am definitely hanging my head in shame as I am contributing to the landfill problem and killing the environment but hey…a girls got to do what a girls got to do.




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