Packing for my first Ragnar Relay

This past weekend I ran my first Ragnar relay and team All Fiesta No Siesta had a blast!

photo (3)

Packing for this race was tough.  How do you plan for a race that will involve three different legs, a temprature range from 60 degrees in the day (which turned out to be closer to 50) and 25 degrees at night, and make it all fit in one bag?  I got some great tips from Once Upon a (L)ime!

I was pushed for time so I didn’t get any pictures of the packing process (bad, bad, blogger) but I started out with a giant pile of clothes and began to put together a stack of clothes for each leg (everything fit into its own ziplock bag except the night leg which ended up in an old race goody bag).:

Stuff for van

  • Sweat pants
  • Sweat shirt
  • Snuggie
  • Small pillow
  • Van decorations
  • Two Pairs of shoes + slippers
  • Warm Jacket (this was a last minute item that I was sooo glad I brought)

Leg 1 (58 degrees…but really 50 with wind)

  • Brooks shorts
  • Long sleeve race tee
  • Pro compression sleeves
  • Balega socks
  • Garmin
  • Road ID
  • Inhaler
  • Hat
  • Sports bra/underware

Leg 2 (25 degrees…and it was!)

  • Under armour compression shorts
  • Underarmour cold gear tights
  • Long sleeve Reebok winter top
  • Singlet
  • Sports bra/underware
  • Thin balega socks
  • Smart wool socks
  • Two Pair of gloves
  • Toboggan
  • Battery operated christmas lights

Leg 3 (60 degrees…trust me, it never got there)

  • Generic short tights
  • Long sleeve race shirt
  • Balega socks
  • Sports bra/underware
  • Hat

Night Gear

  • Headlamp
  • Reflective Harness
  • Tail light


  • GU – salted caramel of course
  • Apple sauce (in pouches)
  • Pretzles
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Amphipod belt

I also packed a bag of extra clothes including:

  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Short sleeve shirt
  • Capri tights
  • Extra balega socks
  • Extra gloves
  • Compression socks
  • Toboggan
  • Wind Breaker Jacket
  • Wind Breaker Vest

And thank goodness, because I used almost all of the extra stuff!




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