2014 in 2014

2013 has been a rough year for me. Running wise, it was my best year ever, but my personal life, not so much. My dad was diagnosed with colon cancer this summer, shortly afterward, my sister ended up in the hospital for over a month with pancreatitis. My mom, who just retired from teaching, spent all of her time trying to balance taking care of the two of them. You would think this was enough, but no, my roommate and fellow runner was put out of commission with a herniated disk and had surgery a few weeks ago. I feel like the last few weeks I have spent all of my time balancing work with family crisis after family crisis. Hence the lack of blogging…and let’s not mention the fact that I haven’t run in two weeks!
The good news…my Dad’s surgery got all of the cancer and he is half way through chemo. My sister is still having problems with pancreatitis but is working with a specialist at Vanderbilt who seems to be making some headway. My mom has managed to maintain her sanity (which I must admit is impressive) and M is on the mend (not as fast as she would like) but definitely improving.
I have decided that since I watched the people closest to me almost completely fall apart this past year, I am going to celebrate their recovery and my health with a rather lofty goal. I plan to run and bike 2014 miles in 2014!
Yes, you read that right and yes, I am quite possibly insane. I threw the biking in there (even though I kind of suck at it) because I knew running 2014 miles was not going to happen and I realize from the beginning that there is a very real possibility that this is a goal I may not be able to accomplish but I am taking a “go hard or go home” approach to life this year. I hope to be able to post weekly about my progress in this adventure and I have already asked a number of friends to keep me accountable along the way so here goes nothing!


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