The New Year Starts Off With A Bang!

Some go to a restaruant to meet up with friends, some meet up at a bar, I simply go to my local running store.  I stopped by my local running store Friday to pick up the shoes I ordered.  I had planned to quickly drop in, pick up my shoes, and continue on my errands, but instead, I ran into three different people I know and spent about a half hour chatting.

The first week of the new year started off with a whopping 22 miles! Seven of them technically don’t count because I ran them on the 30th and 31st…but hey!….thats 15 down and only 1999 to go!

I even put the first race of 2013 in the books!  I walked the Resolution Run 5K with M.  It was her first race post surgery and she was a champ!

Unfortunately, the upcomming week is going to be a low mileage week due to the fact that I get to have my very first colonoscopy at the ripe old age of 36!  I am certainly not looking forward to it but it is better than dying of cancer…maybe I will be extra thin for one day!


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