Of course I am an anomaly

Total mileage last week 3 miles  whomp, whomp, whomp.

18 down 1996 to go!

I knew it was going to be a low mileage week, but I had no idea how low that mileage would actually be.

Monday we had unseasonably cold weather (a high of 9 and windchill of -13).  This southern girl does not have the gear to get out in that kind of weather.

I originally had not planned on running Tuesday or Wednesday because of my colonoscopy.  Everyone said things to me like “oh, don’t worry, a colonoscopy is no big deal,” “don’t worry, the prep is the worse part,” and “the day of you will take the best nap you ever had and wake up refreshed”  Well, in my case, I beg to differ!  The worst part of my procedure was the anesthesia!

Trust me, the words “Uh Oh!  Tell me a little about your egg allergy” are not words you want the anesthesiologist to say.  It seems that my egg allergy makes me a bit of an anomaly in the sedation world and I am unable to take the “best nap of your life” propofal. The anesthesiologist then began telling me things like “we will have to give you several medications to induce sleep,” “you might wake up during the procedure,” and “I’m not sure when you will actually get your memory back.”  …STILL not words you want to hear!

Instead of a dream like state, it was more like this!


I finally became coherent around 5 pm (my procedure was at 7 am) and the next few days I dealt with off and on dizziness and a slight fever (don’t worry, I called the doctor and she said it was all normal).

Long story short too late I did not run at all last week and very slowly walked three miles over two days time.

The good news:  I have a perfectly healthy colon and can wait three more years before my next encounter with the sledgehammer drugs!




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