Here we go Yo Yo

I love Christmas!  I love the decorations, shopping, spending time with friends and family, and the cold chill in the air.  I am always sad to see Christmas end but excited to usher in a new year with new beginnings.  I am also ready for spring!  Once Christmas is over, I am ready for highs in the mid-fifties and the perfect running weather that comes with early spring.  The yoyo weather we have here in Tennessee teases us with a nice sunny warm day followed by a day of  highs in the 30’s, that makes it so much harder to make myself get out there for a run.


I bundled up this morning to take Moose for a short walk because how can you say no to this guy?

moose in lap

This morning he barked until I put down the laptop and let him get in my lap.  He may be a 90 pound dog but he clearly thinks he is one of the cats!

Today’s run will be some form of speed work.  I’m thinking intervals but I haven’t decided exactly what kind or if I will run outside or on a treadmill.  If the wind keeps up like it did on our walk, the treadmill wins hands down!


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