Some Running Tips on a Tuesday

58.5 down 1,955.5 to go!

It has been colder in Tennessee than in Alaska!  What is up with that?!

The weather has forced me to use the treadmill a couple of times this week so following in the footsteps of every other running blog out there (well most of them), I too will give my tips for making the treadmill more bearable.


Mix it up with hills or speed work

No one really likes running on the treadmill.  For me, adding speed intervals or hill repeats gives me something to think about.  Thinking things like “two more to go” or “15 more seconds until recovery” gets rid of the mental challenge of running to nowhere.

Find something to distract you

Watch a TV show or listen to a good podcast or audio book.  I am a podcast girl myself and something about listening to a running or fitness podcast while running just seems right.  A few I am loving at the moment are Two Gomers Run For Their Lives, The Runner Girls Podcast,  The Jillian Michaels Show, and for anyone starting out, The Chubby Jones Podcast is one of my favorites.  PSA – people may look at you like you are a freak when you laugh out loud or talk back to the people on the podcast…please tell me I am not the only one who does this.

The long run

Try your best to do your long run outside but if you absolutely cannot run outside distraction is the key for this workout!   Every July my TV is all Tour de France all the time and I love to go to the gym, get on a spin bike, and ride along with the tour.  To take this concept to the treadmill, movies like Spirit of the Marathon, Ultramarathon Man, and many more would fill the bill.  Another trick I have used is to change treadmills every few miles.  For a 9 mile run at the gym I will move to a new treadmill every three miles.  Once again, this is simply a mental trick to change up the scenery.

When in doubt, remind yourself that spring is just around the corner and soon you I will be complaining about the heat

This Week:

Monday – 3 miles easy + Walk 2 miles of the Coffee Marathon

Tuesday – 4 miles on the treadmill (while listening to Two Gomers)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 3 miles (hill intervals on the treadmill)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 7 slow miles (in 18 mph winds) – does this count as resistance training?

Sunday – 2 miles easy with Moose

Any tips for running in the wind? Other than suck it up cupcake

2 thoughts on “Some Running Tips on a Tuesday

  1. Aww thanks for recommending my podcast! 🙂 When I wasn’t doing my intervals I would listen to the Jillian Michaels podcast sometimes too! It sounds like you are kicking ass and taking names, congrats!!

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