Apparently I like big drinks

78 down 1,936 to go!

This week started off great even though weather once again forced me onto the treadmill.

photo 3

I managed to get through 10 hill repeats on the treadmill Tuesday and felt great afterward!  Yes, you heard that right, I felt great after hill repeats so I clearly must be insane.

Thursday I had planned to run a leg of the coffee marathon with M.  I needed an oil change desperately so I stopped in after work thinking that 2.5 hours on a Thursday afternoon would be plenty of time to get the oil changed and meet M.  Unfortunately there was quite a wait so I dropped the car off and walked the mile to my house.  Well, lets just say that my car wasn’t ready for three hours!  M was a trooper and waited for me but the beautiful 50 degree weather got much colder once the sun went down.  It still was a great run and we even ran into some friends that we would not have seen otherwise.

And what better way to end a great run than with a giant diet cherry limeade?

photo 1

As my training picks up I have to run after the sun goes down a couple of times a week and while I have plenty of night running gear, Moose does not.  The past year, I have been clipping one of my reflective arm bands and a blinky light to his collar but I thought it was about time he get his own reflective gear.

photo 2

Saturday’s run was actually pretty hilarious.  The weather was great (50 degrees) the wind was not (20 mph).  At one point I actually laughed out loud. I felt like I might as well been running on a treadmill because I seemed to be going nowhere but the run itself was great and I ended at the happiest place on earth Starbucks!


That night however, a little niggle in the top of my foot started to tighten up and by Sunday I accepted that I needed to skip my planned run.  I need to just accept the fact that I have a bad foot and that I need two days off after any run over 8 miles…sigh.

The best laid plans…


A friend sent this one to me so I have no idea what the original source is.

The week in general though was great!  Next week I am planning to do a preview run of the Oak Barrel Half Marathon and experience Whiskey Hill for the first time!

This Week:

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 3 miles (hill intervals on the treadmill)

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 4.5 mile run (coffee marathon)

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 10 miles

Sunday – Extra Rest

What is your favorite way to refuel after a good run?

I clearly like to refuel with ginormous drinks!


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