Training Tuesday – Taper Week

162.5 Down 1,851.5 To Go

The first of three half marathons I will be running over the next two months is this weekend!  Wahoo!


This also means the beginning of the dreaded taper week.


You are supposed to cut back your mileage so you are well rested and ready to go on race day, but for me taper week is more like: “eat all day because I have too much free time and am bored out of my mind when all I want to do is run.”


Hopefully I will survive the dreaded taper (without gaining 10 pounds) and have a great race on saturday!

This week’s Training:

Monday – Rest
Tuesday – 3 Miles
Wednesday – Aerial Yoga
Thursday – Hill Repeats 4.75 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – 9.5 miles
Sunday – Rest