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Training Tuesday – Today I listened to my body

145 down 1,869 to go

Sometimes I am a yoga loving hippe freak, other times I am a stubborn semi-type A control freak.  I am usually able to go with the flow but when it comes to my training I tend to be a “by the book” kind of girl and that sometimes gets me into trouble (okay, injured).

I had a rather high (for me) mileage week  but have been feeling great.  I stuck to my plan and took yesterday off and headed out this morning with Moose to tackle 5 miles.   I try to push myself a little in my Tuesday training runs.  Comming off a rest day my legs are usually feeling great and I have a good time.  Today’s plan was a 1 mile warmup, 3 mile tempo(ish) run, and a 1 mile cool down.

From the beginning, my body was not cooperating with me.  I thought after a mile or so I would start to feel better but I was wrong.  My body just would not let me push.  I managed to get through 3 very slow miles and knew that the only way I could get the last two in was to walk all of them.


In the past I would have forced myself to struggle through but today I allowed myself to stop and go home.  3 miles will just have to be enough for today.  I may squeeze a couple of extra miles in later in the week to make up for it or I may not.  I am learning to let go….well trying to anyway.

This Week:

Monday – 3 miles

Tuesday – 1.5 miles with Moose

Wednesday – 1.5 miles with Moose

Thursday – 5.5 mile fartlek

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 9.5 miles

Sunday – 4.5 miles